ClimateBC Map Version


Tongli Wang

Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics (CFCG)

Department of Forest and Conservation Science, University of British Columbia


December 20, 2023

About the Map version

The ClimateBC Map version is for spatial visualization of climate variables, BEC zones, and tree species distributions, and for quick access to climate variables for individual locations.

Maps of climate variables

The maps of climate variables were generated using ArcGIS pro based on climate variables generated using ClimateBC v7.42.

Maps of BEC zones

Maps of Biogeoclomatic ecosystem classification (BEC) zones were generated using ArcGIS pro based on BEC version 12 for the current period and their future projections. The projections were generated based Random Forest models. Detail information of the modelling and projection process will come later.

Maps of tree species

The maps of tree species were generated for the fundamental niche (Climate suitability =>0.30) and the realized niche (Climate suitability =>0.50) using Random Forest model based on the BC ecological data following the methods described in Zhao et al. 2023. All the 44 BC native tree species are included. Detail informaiton of the modelling process will come later.

Quick access to climate data

The values of climate variables can be obtained by simply clicking at the location of interest on the Google Map and changing the period or climate change scenarios. The data feeding is supported by the web API version of the scale-free climate model ClimateBC (Wang et al. 2016). The climate variables can be saved to a local computer.